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Toned Protein Boost (pouch)

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Organic Vanilla Maple FlavourCurb your sugar cravings, boost your metabolism and create more youthful radiant skin with bio-fermented organic plant proteins boosted with antioxidants and bioactive collagen peptides.DESCRIPTIONToned Protein Boost is designed as a daily smoothie enhancer that will transform your skin and metabolism from within, with a blend of sprouted, bio-fermented organic plant protein boosted with marine bioactive collagen peptides. We’ve also included a clinically proven proprietary blend of Italian Moro Oranges, Carob Seed antioxidants and fibre, Sea Minerals and Coconut Water electrolytes for ultimate skin nourishment and radiance.BENEFITS: Help you lose body fatReduce hungerReduced sugar cravingsStabilizes blood sugarSmooth face wrinkles and promote firmer skinPromotes clearer, glowing skinImproved energy levelsPromotes healthier hair, skin, and nailsImproves hydrationProvides healthy fibre and nutritional supportHOW TO USE: Dissolve 2 rounded tablespoons (20 grams) into 200ml of water or add to your favourite smoothie.INGREDIENTS: Intrametica proprietary Metabolic Botanical Protein Blend (92%) (Organic Sprouted Fermented Brown Rice Protein*, Organic Sprouted Fermented Pea ProteinFish Collagen (sustainably sourced), Hydrolised Bioactive PeptidesFlax Seed Meal*Moro Red Orange (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck) fruit powderPeruvian Raw Sacha Inchii Protein*Pumpkin Seed Protein*Coconut Water*Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) seed powderSustainably Sourced Red Marine Algae (Lithothamnion sp.) Sea MineralsSunflower Seed Meal*Mesquite (Prosopis Pallida) raw seed pod powder*)Natural Vanilla FlavourGuar Gum*Natural Maple FlavourNatural Emulsifier (Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin)Colloidal SilicaNatural Organic Sweetener (Stevia powder*)* Denotes Certified Organic Ingredients (74%)


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